burner combustion

4000 kg/day Incinerator

burner capacity 126000 kcal/h, biological cremation, animal cremation equipments china,

Product Description

MEDICAL WASTE INCINERATOR SPECIFICATIONS Capacity (4000 kg/day).  The unit should have the following features:
* Automatic feeding
* Automatic ash / leftovers removal
* Flue gas filtration system.
* The technical & financial offer should include installation & testing and staff training.

***The offer should be itemized. IMPORTANT INFORMATION:
1    Emission standards : ( EU ) —
2    Waste type: Hazardous Medical Waste
3    Approximate moisture content: max. 30%
4    Glass content: max. 15%
5    Building Roof Height: 8 meters
6    Height of chimney above roof (required): at least 3 meters
7    Fuel to be used :     No. 2 ( diesel ) ( Fuel specifications attached )
8    Power: 380 V, 3 phase

9    Space available inside the existing building: (Bidders should visit the building to choose the best location for installation coordinating with university engineers)
10    Waste filled in (max. 70X120 cm ) polyethylene bags –

I would like to list the following points that are mentioned in the special conditions ( in Arabic), and are not mentioned in the technical specs:

1-      The price of each of the following components should be listed separately, as the university might not order it,:
–          Flue gas cleaning system. If you can send us two alternatives, dry scrubber and wet scrubber type, it would be great.
–          Automatic feeder
–          Automatic ash removal
–          Continuous emissions monitoring and recording system

2-      The delivery period is very important. The whole tender period is 120 days, including supply, transportation and installation of the unit???!!!

3-      The offer should include separately a priced list of recommended spare parts for two years operation.